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  • Forming a Swiss Company, Swiss Holding or setting up a Special Trust: To insure that your project is treated with professionalism, but also to prevent costly errors at the onset, we highly recommend using the services of our associates, a world-renowned local law firm. Each member attorney has a specific field of expertise. From this trustworthy group of professionals you will receive a discreet and comprehensive service to ensure the success of your project.

  • Relocation Tax Law Services in Switzerland: We specialize in Relocation Tax Law. Acting as a reliable and discrete partner, we take great pride in offering a comprehensive range of quality tax arrangement and relocation services through a renowned local law firm. We analyze your case and propose a solution that results in substantial tax savings which can be realized if you relocated. Our mission is to obtain residence permits and custom tailored tax arrangements from the State and local Governments for our clients. There is tough competition in this amongst the varying Cantons and communes.

  • Introduction to Swiss banks: We will help you in the selection of the 'right' bank for your needs and introduce you to your future personal banking liaison officer. USD50'000 opens a personal Swiss bank account, USD100'000 a numbered Swiss account if hiding information from outsiders is important.  If needed, you will also receive access to a professional Swiss Forex broker's trading platform permitting you to trade in the foreign exchange market. Such accounts must be seeded with at least USD1mio. In the latter, we offer to pay for your travel to Switzerland to meet your future Swiss bankers and broker in person. Let's talk.

  • Swiss Real Estate Property - Foreign Ownership Approved: Apartments, townhouses, chalets, single or multi family homes and condominiums in Switzerland's most world-renowned resort towns. Acquisitions through direct property owner offers.

  • Discretionary Equity Accounts under Management: Each account is managed separately against a nominal fee and holds the assets of only one investor. Investors don't have to worry about commingling their funds with others. There are no margin calls, nor will the investor be asked to pay-in additional funds, pay interest or swap points on buy-holds.

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Businesses and Switzerland

Businesses can benefit from a location in one of the world’s true international commerce hubs in Geneva or Zürich, and all the major business hubs of Europe – London, Paris, Milan – are within easy reach due to Switzerland’s central location and excellent transportation links. Swiss banks have the world’s best reputation for dependability, security and discretion. Switzerland also represents one of the world’s leading concentrations of highly educated, highly skilled employees and business partners. Particularly, pharmaceutical, engineering and emerging high-tech industries are well represented, as are service-oriented and consulting firms.

We can offer you special Shareholder agreements, Business Succession Planning, Estate Planning and plenty of opportunities for personal tax rulings. Language flexibility is a key aspect of Swiss life, and we pride ourselves on being able to communicate with potential partners from anywhere in the world.

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The wealthy and Switzerland

Tax planning services for high-net-worth individuals, Professional Athletes, Sportsmen, Show Business Personalities, Music Artists, Movie Actors and Actresses, Entertainment Business VIP's and foreign-born, wealthy residents (US residents excluded-service not available) prefer to live in Switzerland. The Swiss way of life also plays a part. Above all, benefit from «tailor-made» tax arrangements or a lump-sum taxation regime that effectively caps the income and net wealth tax.

The many attractive features of Switzerland mean that successful, financially independent individuals like Entrepreneurs, Professional Athletes, Sportsmen, Celebrities from Show Business and the Entertainment World can establish a new home in one of the most desirable locations in the world, and save their own money by doing it. Businesses can also benefit from relocating, and set themselves up in one of the most advantageous and business-friendly climates in the world. The move to Switzerland is not right for everybody, but it is probably more practical than you think. Details are highly personal and individualized, so it is best to discuss your situation with a firm specializing in relocation and tax law.

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Taxation Models

Tax-Advantaged Residence, Lump-Sum Taxation and the establishment of Pre-Immigration Trusts in Switzerland featuring lump-sum taxation is another unique and advantageous option for foreign-born individuals (US residents excluded-service not available) relocating to Switzerland, and is particularly interesting for EU citizens. Lump-sum is only an option for foreign citizens who will not be economically active in Switzerland, so it is well-suited for retirees, or for those whose business is outside of Switzerland.

In a lump-sum taxation arrangement, an annual payment can be negotiated with the government based on your standard of living in Switzerland, rather than on the usual income-and-assets model. This allows for considerable financial privacy if you desire it, because it does not require disclosure of income or assets, and can also mean enormous annual savings, particularly for citizens of certain EU countries. Certain other countries (for example Germany and the United States) levy significant exit taxes on individuals who wish to relocate (whether to Switzerland or elsewhere), but the savings involved in a lump-sum or other Swiss tax ruling can easily make the move worthwhile. There are a number of good reasons to consider relocating to Switzerland.

You will benefit from Flat-Tax Arrangements available for qualifying foreign-born individuals (US residents excluded-service not available) in a country with a highly desirable political, social and economic stability. Switzerland enjoys a low crime rate. Infrastructures and excellent banking facilities are second-to-none. Enjoy an attractive lifestyle in a healthy environment and take advantage of efficient and reliable public services.

No Inheritance Tax in certain Cantons No Capital-gains Tax in Switzerland

Several cantons, have no inheritance tax – thus wealthy citizens are free to pass their assets on to their family. There are no capital gains taxes in Switzerland for individuals.

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Property Tax

Annual property taxes are usually between 0.8% and 1.5% of a property’s value. Service charges can add another 1-2%. The total varies from canton to canton and commune to commune. For example, taxes and charges for an apartment in Verbier (Valais canton) are approximately $5.10 per square foot including utilities (water, electricity), insurance, communal charges (heating, service, administration, etc.), and local property taxes. In Villars, canton Vaud, taxes are around $6.20 per square foot. In the lake towns of Montreux and Vevey, taxes are slightly higher. However, even with service charges, annual expenses shouldn’t amount to more than 2.5% of the property’s value.

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Relocation Tax Laws in Switzerland
We specialize in Relocation Tax Law. Acting as a reliable and discrete partner, we take great pride in offering a comprehensive range of quality tax arrangement and relocation services through a renowned local law firm. We analyze your case and propose a solution that results in substantial tax savings which can be realized if you relocated. Our mission is to obtain residence permits and custom tailored tax arrangements from the State and local Governments for our clients. There is tough competition in this amongst the varying Cantons and communes.

We are offering this comprehensive Relocation Tax Law service at a reasonable cost to entrepreneurs and the financially independent who would like to physically relocate to Switzerland and by moving their assets to this country from another jurisdiction.

  • Foreign-born wealthy Residents
  • Professional Athletes, Sportsmen
  • Show Business Personalities
  • Artists from the Music scene
  • Movie Actors and Actresses
  • Celebrities and VIP's from the Entertainment World
  • US persons see note below
  • are taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Our expertise and many years of professional know-how of all aspects in Swiss Relocation Tax Lax ensure a successful approach towards meeting our clients' personal and financial objectives. You will be treated with the customary Swiss courtesy and have the benefit of our traditional Swiss discretion.

    Note: Despite the fact that Switzerland is not an offshore banking place, some foreign governments may have opposing views. To the contrary, Switzerland is an important financial hub. In addition, they may have other criterions constituting tax fraud, in contrast to the Swiss laws on tax evasion vs. tax fraud. We categorically state that Switzerland does not levy capital-gains taxes or any other form of tax on holders of non-Swiss Franc denominated Swiss bank accounts, bar none. We are distinctly referring to taxes levied in Switzerland under the Swiss tax code applicable to non-US securities. If you are not sure how your government is treating the Swiss tax rulings, we advise you to check your local fiscal laws or with your country's tax authorities to see if you are liable for taxes in your country on Swiss bank accounts or other assets held in Switzerland. Check to see if your country/citizenship is black-listed by Swiss banks.

    What is tax evasion and what are the implications, consequences, what are the general rules? Unlike in other tax jurisdictions, Swiss wage earners are not subjected to a withholding tax, so-to-speak a source tax, against their paychecks. Swiss tax payers file their tax returns at the end of every calendar year usually by April 15 of the following calendar year together with a salary and expense reimbursement certificate issued by their employer. In Switzerland we refer to this method as the tax reporting honor system. Albeit, it can happen that certain other  incomes the tax payer has earned may slip through the crack. It may be an oversight for not having reported such income or he may have simply forgotten to report it. When 'caught' by the tax authorities, a Swiss taxpayer must pay up the back taxes plus he has to pay a fine which maybe up to double the amount of back tax due. As you can see, there is no free ride either under tax evasion. The big difference is that Swiss tax authorities treat this as a petty issue and do not consider that the taxpayer has committed a felony. The failure to report or underestimate income or assets on a tax return is not considered a crime in Switzerland.

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  • Characterized by a style of creative and personal approach to solving the often complicated problems that face our clients, we analyze and assist in identifying our clients' goals and aspirations and present innovative and tax-efficient, relocation, investment and business solutions. Our close relationship with clients and our reputation to help them achieve their stated objectives in Switzerland ensure the highest level of advice together with a personal touch and dedicated service in a multi-lingual environment.

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