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About out the Swiss RE market
Readily available Swiss property cleared by the authorities for foreign ownership. Locations in:
Arosa, Davos, Flims, St. Moritz (Engadine)
Ascona, Brissago, Caslano, Lugano, Minusio
(Ticino-Southern part of Switzerland)
Personalized service discreet and confidential
Skiing near Lenzerheide-Davos Brienz - Vazerol
Zermatt - Matterhorn region

Buying a chalet, condo, townhouse, terrain
Commercial property - Restaurant and Bar with apt.


Taxes - International Tax Planning

Capital-gains tax in Switzerland
Corporate and personal taxation
Countries with dual taxation agreements
Making tax arrangements - tax negotiating
Tax evasion - is it a crime in Switzerland?
Withholding tax in Switzerland


Residency Rules & Requirements

Personal, Corporate Swiss Bank Accounts


Asset protection
How to avoid probate
Inheritance tax eradicated
Savings lifetime: substantial income tax and capital-gains tax advantages may result from setting up a:
Swiss Trust; tax benefits can be substantial; non-tax related advantages by using a Trust that owns the shares of a Swiss company

Anonymity and the Swiss bank account
FAQ about Swiss bank accounts
Discretionary Swiss bank account
Opening a personal Swiss bank account, by ways of introduction or correspondence
The seven myths about Swiss banks
Various Swiss bank account types
Who uses a Swiss bank account?


Asset Management

Swiss Company Formations


Asset value growth at lowest possible tax exposure
Risk-averse and sound investment management
The discretionary Swiss bank account

Creating a new Swiss Aktiengesellschaft or GmbH
Relocation of foreign companies; domiciliation
Secretarial services; office rental day/month/year


Special Financial Referral Services


Relocation Tax Law Services

Swiss Investment Referral Services


Discreet Relocation Tax Law Arrangements

- Custom-tailored Flat Tax agreements,
- Lump-Sum arrangements,
- Securing of residence permits from State
  and Local Governments for:
  Professional Athletes, Sportsmen
  Show Business Personalities
  Movie Picture Actors and Actresses
  Entertainment Business VIP's

Risk adjusted Currency & Precious Metals Solutions

Swiss FX Structured Products

for the experienced private investor, institutional investor, corporate risk manager.


Information about Living in Switzerland

Heidiland Facts - Demographics

General Information

Switzerland offers some of the best living standards in the world - our specialty is to help you become a Swiss resident. We offer 'one-stop-shop' solutions for people who wish to retire or relocate a business to Switzerland. For other programs, you will find full information on this website.

Read this before you continue your search

It is becoming more difficult for foreign nationals to purchase real property in Switzerland. The Engadine, St. Moritz, Celerina including the entire lower and upper Engadine valley have by popular vote decided to curtail annual building permits to much lower levels. This is putting pressure on availability and impacting new construction thus affecting foreign ownership contingents considerably. Foreign ownership allocations normally account between 25% to one third of newly built multi-family and/or apartment dwellings. Similar restrictions apply in other cantons including resort towns located in the cantons of Vaud with Chateau d'Oex, the Riviera, Lake Geneva and Valais with Crans Montana, and the Zermatt-Matterhorn region respectively.

Your possibilities

If you consider buying Swiss property, we need your proactive participation. The first thing you should do is search our pages by looking for foreign ownership approved property. We have exclusive listings, meeting in most instances the legal requirements of foreign national ownership. On these exclusive pages you will find turn-key apartments, multi currency price offers, and in most cases the respective floor plans. Make your choice, then let us know what you have decided on. We will then move on to the next phase which preferably should include a personal visit on location, meeting the owners, down payment, discuss bank financing etc.

Medium budgets:

Flims-Laax also known as Switzerland’s ‘White Arena’ or Locarno, Ticino offers some of the best, stable good valued properties with easy access from major Swiss cities. Check also the Klosters pages where reservations for a new apartment complex construction of apartments similar to the one that has been sold out, are now being taken.

For those who prefer to live in a more affluent region

Gstaad in the Bernese Oberland offers great opportunities: you can buy a Two-family Chalet or a Chalet apartment at a decent price, albeit property prices in Gstaad are approx. 25-40% above that of other resorts.

St. Moritz and surrounding area

Representing by far the most difficult market. In most cases, Swiss national ownership is required. Also, figure to pay roughly between CHF16’500 to CHF32’000 or more per m² in proper St. Moritz, if you can put your hands on anything at all. Prices are somewhat less in the surrounding outlying areas like Zuoz, Silvaplana or Sils. Just be aware that the market is very tight. Foreign ownership approved property is becoming available only sporadically and from time to time.

Other ways to obtain a residency permit and/or to own Swiss property

If, on the other hand, you want to buy a retail store, business or a hotel outside the regions described above, there is a good chance to obtain authorization for a Swiss residence permit. However, you must be patient, and it calls for a different approach which is time consuming and definitely involves legal council.

If you want us to do a search for property not listed on our website

Before we can start any work, we require a retainer fee up front. The amount of the fee depends on the scope and size of the project. Contact us for information.


Switzerland is one of the most multilingual countries in Europe. German, French, Italian and Romansch, a Rhäto-Roman offshoot of Latin, are the official languages in Switzerland.


Swiss Franc (CHF)

Exchange Controls


Type of Law

Civil Law

Who can Retire in Switzerland?

If you want to live in Switzerland with no activity within the country. Switzerland grants residence permits very selectively. But if you or your spouse has a EU passport, becoming a Swiss resident has just become easier. See if you would qualify:

  • Have a EU passport
  • Be retired (no day-to-day responsibilities)
  • Have an annual income of over CHF50'000
  • Live in Switzerland for at least 180 days (some exceptions possible if in good faith)

Swiss Residence Permit

Switzerland you can live in Switzerland with your spouse, financially dependent descendants and ascendants (children, parents, grand-parents, nephews, nieces, great-grand-children, etc.)

  • Become a Swiss taxpayer
  • Buy Swiss real estate without restrictions
  • Move within Switzerland without restrictions
  • Immediately a special CE permit valid for 5 years
  • Enjoy one of the highest quality of life in the world
  • Be located only an hour from London, Paris or Milan
  • Benefits:  You can live in Switzerland with your spouse and your children under 18
  • Benefit of a lump sum taxation
  • You can buy or rent a house

We offer you a 'one-stop-shop' solution for your retirement in Switzerland. We make the whole process hassle-free, just tell us what you need and we'll get it.

  • Application for residence permits to the municipal, cantonal and federal authorities
  • We take care of all Swiss taxes
  • Help with selecting the area that best matches your needs
  • Home search (buying and renting, both houses and apartments)
  • Assistance in import your personal items, works of art, cars, pets or wine cellar
  • We can set up all Swiss insurances (medical, house, car, etc.)
  • Personalized assistance for electricity, telephone, Internet access, a satellite dish, etc.

Swiss Immigration Programs

Many foreigners choose to live in Switzerland, although often for very different reasons. Some come to work, as qualified workers or not, while others seek political asylum or wish to study, invest or retire in Switzerland. Their individual needs in terms of relocation consulting vary according to their reasons for settling in Switzerland. Our company offers services for the following categories:

1. Wealthy people who wish to retire in Switzerland

By wealthy we mean having at least the equivalent of one million Swiss francs in liquid assets to a person's name:

  • Be over 55 years old* (if you are younger, there is another solution)
  • Be retired (no day-to-day responsibilities)
  • Have an annual income of over CHF100'000
  • Live in Switzerland for at least 180 days a year
  • Demonstrate some ties to Switzerland

*If you are younger than 55, you won't fit in the standard residence permit to retire in Switzerland. However, there's a variation on this program through which you can obtain the same residence permit by making an investment in a local company. The characteristics of such an investment are:

  • You must invest in a company in the canton where you want to live
  • Your investment has to finance the growth of the company
  • You can either invest as a loan or as an equity investment, or a mix of both
  • Your investment should last as long as you remain in Switzerland
  • The company cannot be listed on a stock exchange
  • You cannot invest in a bank account, an apartment or a bogus company, but in a real company with employees

The rationale is that by investing in a company that needs financing to grow, you help creating jobs in Switzerland. In return many canton will grant you a residence permit. The other conditions applicable to the standard residence permit to retire in Switzerland still hold:

  • Be retired (no day-to-day responsibilities)
  • Have an annual income of more than CHF100'000

We can assist you during the whole process, including the location and screening of investment opportunities, and of course with the residence permit and canton selection. Please note that this program is not available in every canton.

2. Entrepreneurs and investors who wish to set up business and live in Switzerland

The minimum size of a successful project is calculated in terms of job creation – employment for at least one Swiss created within the first year. Do you want to set up your business in Switzerland, form a Swiss corporation?

  • Our specialty is helping you obtain the authorizations you need and making your transition as smooth and easy as possible.  Switzerland is yours! With an unrivaled quality of life and a very competitive economy, Switzerland has already attracted countless international businesses, large and small. You can take advantage of it as well, to the benefit of your whole family and all your employees.

Swiss Real Estate - House Search

I am interested in
buying property in Switzerland

Renting or Buying Real Property, House, a Condominium or Apartment in Switzerland

When moving to Switzerland, most people begin by renting a house or an apartment. Renting is a good choice for many reasons:

  • Apartment leases are easy to cancel
  • Swiss law protects tenants rights in a way you would not believe
  • There are many top quality apartments and houses available for renting
  • Over 70% of the Swiss population rents

Good rental property is hard to come by and never stays long on the market. Against a fee, we can also arrange to enlist the help of a local specialist to show you available homes and apartments for rent that fit your specific needs. We will discuss and review the lease terms with you before you sign anything, arrange for deposits, etc. For a rental property search, we charge a commission of CHF1'000.00 in form of a retainer fee up-front, or one month's rent whichever is greater.

Buying Real Estate in Switzerland

Buying is also a possibility. We suggest at this point to first consult our exclusive offers listed on our foreign ownership approved property web page segment concerning available properties in the cantons of Valais, the Engadine [Graubünden], Ticino, Zurich and Geneva. All you need is to tell us which property interests you. We take care of the rest. To enlist our services just contact us by phone, fax or email or make an appointment. This should enable us to assess your housing needs better. Check this out.

Buying an Apartment, Condominium, Townhouse, terrain or a house in Switzerland

Turn-key, readily available property for sale in the Engadine (St. Moritz - Graubünden), the Bernese Oberland (Gstaad, Saanen), Zermatt (near Matterhorn) and Ticino (Lugano, Ascona, Caslano - Southern part of Switzerland):

Note: These apartments are direct owner offers, foreign ownership approved by the authorities. The owners will take care of the legal requirements and assist our clients to arrange for bank financing.

I am interested in
buying property in Switzerland

Top Ten Celebrities Who Live in Switzerland

Celine Dion
Michael Jackson
Tina Turner
Lyngstad (ABBA)

Michael Schumacher
Karim Aga Khan
David Bowie
Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza

Corporate and Personal Taxation in Switzerland

The Cantons have preserved many of the rights they held as sovereign political bodies. Nevertheless, the constitution delegates considerable authority to the Federal Government, including the power to conclude treaties and alliances, to levy taxes and to regulate foreign trade. However, each Canton has its own taxation. There are many Cantons with favorable taxation levels and some Cantons with higher unemployment rates or small populations (mountain regions) have particularly low levels of taxation.

Dual Taxation Agreements with Other Countries

Double tax agreements exist with Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago and the USA.


Dollarinvest Switzerland is offering formations of new Swiss companies | AG | SA | S.a.r.l. | Limited Liability companies | company relocations | company domiciliations | finding staff, office space-rental | Swiss Trust settings | Swiss Holding concepts | International tax planning | personal, numbered, discretionary Swiss bank accounts with internet access | Swiss Real Estate services | foreign ownership approved Swiss property | apartments | Swiss chalets | Swiss condominiums

Confidentiality - We Ensure Maximum Privacy and Confidentiality

All information we receive is strictly confidential. Personal data is assigned a special key and kept under seal and tight security. Your personal data is protected by the Swiss Privacy Act; data can only be accessed by authorized key personnel. Furthermore, entrusted data is only utilized when we have your express permission to pass this information on to third parties (banks, specific property owner or to a selected law firm) for the purposes of either opening a Swiss bank account, forming a Swiss company, applying for a Swiss resident permit or by making you an offer to purchase Real Estate property in Switzerland.

We use the latest data encryption technology so that your data is safely transmitted across the internet. Personal data you provide us on any of our contact forms on this website are protected and sent by 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secured encryption key.

Phone numbers serve no purposes other than to verify your true identity and genuine intentions. We will not contact you by phone without your express permission. Our associated partner companies observe and abide by the same professional standards. Dollarinvest is not a bank. We neither solicit or accept bank deposits, nor do we collect fees of any kind for our own account or on behalf of third parties. The information contained in this website is not meant to substitute qualified legal advice given by a specialist knowing your particular situation.

To ensure the integrity of your privacy, we urge you to make solely use of the contact and application forms contained in this website. To be on the safe side, avoid sending us regular emails containing sensitive and personal information. Send us a fax instead.

Privacy and Confidentiality is assured by the use of these forms:

SSL secured-encrypted Contact Form (Also for Tax Law-Relocation Services; Asset Protection-Trust matters)

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